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Internet radio «Trance Fusion Fm — T. F. F.» appeared recently in the 2015 February 5, but solidly gaining fans and listeners and managed to gain quite quickly. This is due to the format of the radio station, where day and night twist songs in the style of trance and not only. What is trance? TRANS is one of the most popular kinds of directions in electronic dance music that originated in the 90-ies of the last century. Its distinctive features is the availability of tempo from 128 to 145 beats per minute, regularly recurring musical segments, shapes, and phrases. Not the last role in the development of the popularity of the Internet radio station «Fusion FM Trance» played a wildly popular club industry. Because now almost every night club you can hear a trance song, especially in the morning. The founder of the radio project is DJ Alex Sunlight ( Touchstone ) Is a Trance DJ and sound producer and experienced and wide profile DJ who is 10 years experienced in music ! «Clean» radio leading «Trance Fusion FM» simply does not but we develop and go on to perfection. Their roles are the famous stars of the world’s dancefloors, the DJs of the first magnitude. Among them flashed mastodons DJ panel as Armin Van Buuren,Abstract Vision,Alex Sunlight, Katty Rutkovsky ,Abstract Sound, Giusseppe Ottaviani,Markus Schulz and others. In fact, they are not leading, they just raced their a few hour sets, occasionally sticking them in crisp phrases, remarks and comments. And isn’t it the ideal option for the true lovers of trance music ? Morning and afternoon on radio twist replays of yesterday’s editions of the radio. And since 06-00 begins a fresh broadcasting, which will last until the early morning. Leaders radio «Trance Fusion FM» nobly adapt to its listeners, putting fresh DJ sets at a time that is best convenient and affordable for students. Standard time the size of these DJ sets ranges from 1 to 3 hours of music. But sometimes the radio station will delight your fans and the real music non-stop TRANS-marathons in the performance of any one global celebrity who sits in the DJ chair for the whole day. Such musical TRANS-marathons are a real treat and a gift to listeners. The radio station «Fusion FM Trance» regularly listen to not only fans of the musical direction of trance, but fans of electronic music as such, decided to relax a bit bored from other electronic music styles. The secret to the success of trance music, and all radio stations, is that, despite the seemingly recurring musical segments in the tracks, it is absolutely not boring and seems to get tired of listening to this style of music is simply impossible. But plus a powerful argument in the Treasury of the merits of his brainchild has made its creators: essential music compilation consists of the best sets of the most popular DJs from around the world in trance music. Radio station «Trance Fusion FM» you can listen at any time of the day. Under the dynamic rhythms cheerfully nice to Wake up in the afternoon playing music, which is not particularly distracting from the main activity, in the evening comes the time of fun and dancing !

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